Feel better, solve chronic aches & pains, and get fit with an expert personal trainer. We can travel to your location or train you virtually.


Custom Tailored

We offer fitness that fits you,
wherever you are at physically.
We will start with what you can do and increase your abilities from there.

Custom Tailored

We offer fitness that fits you,
wherever you are at physically.
We will start with what you can do and increase your abilities from there.

Custom Tailored Personal Fitness


Our trainers have the highest level of certification from accredited universities. Our methods are scientific and proven to increase your strength and wellbeing.

LNGVTY Fitness SF is a personal training service founded by Brett Peix. LNGVTY is pronounced like Longevity Fitness

Outdoor Exercise

With our mobile set of equipment, the whole world is our gym. Breathe in that fresh air!

outdoor personal training

For Individuals, Couples, or Small Groups

We offer sessions for couples and also do small group training.

Training Options

We Offer Training 3 Different Ways:

Meet At Your Trainer's Location

Get a chance to focus on crafting a new experience. This could be a feature in an app, a redesigned website, or an entirely new platform! 

Meet At
Your Location

If you are in the Bay Area, we can come to you! We bring all of the equipment needed for your training session. We just need a good open space to park and workout.

Virtual Training Video Calls

Get fitness coaching from the comfort of your home! We will train you using the equipment you have, or help you source the best gear for your needs and for your space.


"The level of commitment Brett has for physical fitness is second to none. It’s not just about looking good in the mirror. It’s about getting the most out of your body and doing so in a way that is sustainable. If you’re like me you’ll be less tired AND see better results."
"I really benefited from LNGVTY mobile training. It's really great to workout in the beautiful outdoors! The workouts are fun and challenging. I would highly recommend it! "
"His knowledge & unique training skills are the perfect blend to keep me motivated, by seeing results, but without feeling overworked. He uses simple movements, booty bands, and a roller - that’s it. Brett has transformed the way I think of fitness. I’ve lost close to 100lbs and my body wouldn’t be this fit if I didn’t have Brett supporting my new lifestyle."
"Brett has been a fundamental part of my journey to get in shape and lose 100lbs over the past few years. Brett has kept me healthy and focused on the right things while working my body very hard to achieve my goals. He has provided great outdoor in-person workouts when it's possible. I would highly recommend Brett to anyone looking for a fitness/strength trainer."
"With Brett's help I've become much stronger than I would have ever thought possible! I have better posture, have been sleeping better, and I feel more confident about my body."
"My desk job had me feeling weak and tired overall. With training, my posture improved and my chronic neck pain went away! Brett is so knowledgeable about the mechanics and anatomy of the body and is able to explain the reasons behind everything he does."

Before & After

Our clients experience amazing results! See what can happen when you work with us!

Meet Brett

LNGVTY Fitness founder Brett Peix has been in instructional fitness since 2016. Brett is a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist. His background in kinesiology, physiology and anatomy makes him uniquely qualified to be a top-notch personal trainer for his clients. His treatment protocols have proven effective on people who have experienced pain in their hips, knees, lower back, and more.

Brett has developed a personalized approach that enables him to achieve exceptional results with each client in increasing mobility, stability and flexibility. After working with Brett, every client has been able to move pain-free.

Brett developed his passion for fitness while studying at St. Mary’s University. Since graduating in 2016, he has been defining and refining his approach to evidence-based personal training. Brett is an avid researcher who leverages science to create practical strategies that optimize health and longevity.

CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NASM, the National Academy of Sports Medicine)
Kettlebell Athletics 1 & 2 (NASM)
Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness (AFPA Fitness)
Myofascial Trigger Point Seminar (CBMTPT)
Aging Stronger (ACE Fitness, the American Council on Exercise)
Unlocking Mobility Through Stability (ACE Fitness)

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